Basic cages can now be ordered directly from the Shop.
This is our 'Basic' cage. It is a slight reworking of our standard cage so that we can pack it one box. The dimension of the basic cage are as follows:

Height: 31.5" (80cm)

Width: 30" (76cm)

Length: 42" (107cm)

So, what is the difference between this and the standard cage?

The outer framework of this Basic Bondage Cage is created from 19x19x1.5mm box section mild steel - a lighter version of what we use on the standard cage but still has plenty of strength. The inner bars use the same 16x16mm box section to ensure it is strong. There are less bars in the sides. What this means is that it is (depending on your size, it is a tight squeeze) possible to get your head through the bars. But don't think of this as a bad thing, quite the contrary as it can open up a new dimension subservience - if they put their head through the bars they can be punished, so many new opportunities! The ends of the cage are finished with plastic plugs. We are not offering any options on this cage. The cage is now light enough to pack in one box which means Free Delivery to Mainland UK and reduced delivery costs to Europe.

Apart from the above differences, the Basic Bondage Cage is constructed in the same way and to the same high standard as our normal puppy cage.

The cage is delivered in 6 pieces and is bolted together with 12 bolts, assembly is very easy and it only takes 10 minutes to construct. The door is not bolted to the main assembly but just drops onto the hinges. There is a hasp on the door which can be fastened with the supplied locking pin which can then be padlocked into place. There is a feeding slot in the door which should accommodate most dog bowls. We use the same nuts and bolts on this cage as we do on the standard one which means all the nuts are captive within the framework - there are no protruding bolts that you can injure yourself on or damage a floor with.

The cage is lightly sprayed with a hammer finish black paint to provide corrosion protection and aesthetics.
Bolts/washers, a spanner and the 'flat pack' instructions are all supplied, all you need to supply is a padlock or similar, everything else is included.

The cost of this cage is a simply unbeatable £199 including free delivery to Mainland UK.