If there is something that you want, you only have to ask.

However, some requests are made more often that others and as such these requests will be made available to others as optional extras from time-to-time.

Current optional extras are:

Padded Base £35
A padded can be made for your cage: This uses a wooden base with 1" foam padding and is covered with a high quality black leather-look vinyl.

BDSM Bondage Fetish Puppy Cages


Sliding Neck Restraint £60
Over the years the sliding neck restraint has proven to be quite popular so we have now made this a standard extra. Principle is very simple: Top section sslides up, head is inserted with neck resting on the lower section and then the top section is dropped back down and secured into place. These are fitted to the rear of the cage.

Padded base for Bondage Cages

Double Gate Door £80
Various doors are requested and most can be catered for. The majority of enquiries though are for the double gate door.

These doors are also used for commercial use should the door need to be removable. Please indicate if the door needs to be removable when ordering.

Puppy Cages

Door Frame - Puppy Cage £9 : Tall Cage £16
For the majority of people and uses our standard cage design is more than strong enough, but if you think your cage is going to be subjected to very rough use (suspension within the cage, suspension of the cage (of course, we can't recommend that you do either of these things)) or continued/daily, aggressive/rough use, we recommend an additional door frame is used.

The door frame simply bolts into the front of the cage (in the same way the back bolts in - only there are no bars) and the hinges/doors are then attached to the frame.

Escape Door £7
The Escape Door is recommended for commercial use as the door is removable in the locked postion. The Escape Door uses a Sliding Latch mechanism to allow easy escape in emergency situations.