Photographs of what?

That's simple, our steel products in use!

So that is any products bought from the 'Steel Bondage Restraints' or the 'Bondage Cages' categories.

Please read the conditions at the bottom of this page for guidance on appropriate photos.


Why do you want them?

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

So what better way to show off our products than to have pictures of them in use.

What's more, people are always looking for new and intersting ways of doing things so your pictures could provide inspiration to others.


What will you do with them?

We are creating a photo gallery to display the picures in. 

The photo gallery will be integrated with our online shop and will be be open to all to see. Customers will be able to view, rate and comment on all the photographs.


What is the reward?

Reward points!

For each photo or sets of photos for an eligible product that we can use you will receive a minimum of 100 reward points (that's worth £5!) credited to your account. You can then use your reward points as a discount against any future purchases.


How do I submit my photos?

At the moment it is by email.

Simply send us your photos and tell us the order number that the products relate to and we'll do the rest.

Please make sure you have created an account first so that we are able to credit you with your reward points.


Sounds great, but I don't want my face showing.

Faces aren't necessary and you can block them out before you send the photos.

If you can't do it yourself, then let us know when you send them and we can obscure any faces or obvious identifiing features for you.

If there is anything else in the photo that you would want blocked out then we can do that too, just let us know.


Terms and Conditions:

Please read through these terms for infomation on submitting your photos.  These terms are published E&EO and are subject to change without prior notification.

Photo Content:
We're simply looking for the restaints in use from a simple cuffing to complex scenes.

  1. Any people in the photos MUST be 18+;
  2. You must obtain publishing permission from any subject identifiable within the photo;
  3. No below the waist nudity or sexual acts please;
  4. No extreme images - this includes turture, mutilation, blood, beastiality ect.;
  5. Photographs should clearly show at least one of our steel products in use;
  6. Close up, or fairly close up photos are best.

Photo Useability:

  1. The useability of any photo(s) will be at our sole discretion;
  2. By sending us the photo(s) you grant us non-exclusive rights for commercial useage;
  3. Unuseable photos will deleted;

Photo Acceptance:

  1. Once we have accepted your photo(s) as useable, we will credit your account with the appropriate number of points and you will recieve notitfication;
  2. If we can't accept your photo(s) they will be deleted and we will let you know, we will also provide guidance for re-submission where appropriate.

Eligible Items:

  1. Eligible items are those that are in the 'Steel Bondage Restraints' or 'Bondage Cage' categories;
  2. The items shown in the photo(s) must have been previously purchased from us;
  3. For items to be eligible you must clearly state the order number that the items were purchased under at the same time that you send your photo(s);

Photo Rewards:

  1. If a photo or set of photos shows one eligible items we will credit your account with 100 reward points;
  2. If a photo or set of photos shows two eligible items we will credit your account with 150 reward points;
  3. If a photo or set of photos shows three or more eligible items we will credit your account with a maximum of 200 reward points;
  4. Rewards points will be issued within 30 days of any accepted photos being published;
  5. Reward points for photo(s) will be issued only once per item per order number.

Removal of Photos:

  1. If you decide you no longer wish to have a photo(s) on display then simply let us know and we will remove them for you;
  2. If any photo(s) are removed at your request then we will also deduct any remaining reward points;
  3. If we remove any photo(s) then you will keep any reward points that you were credited with.