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Leather Cock Harness
Hand-made in the UK from top quality leather and lined with soft, brushed suede. The Leather Co..
Cage of Hell Cock Restraint
Imprison your cock with the Cage of Hell cock restraint. Two sturdy leather straps with two ste..
Rings of Agony Cock Ring
If you love pain and being dominated then this cock ring is for you! This Gates of Hell Cock Rin..
Gates of Hell With Lead
Another must have accessory for all pain and submission lovers! This leather strap has four rin..
Leather Anti-Erect Sheath
Your excitement will be punished with pain! The lace up anti-erect sheath is designed to restri..
Leather Lace Up Sheath
The ultimate penis bondage! This hand-made, top quality leather sheath laces up around the shaf..
Leather Wrist to Ankle Restraint Set
Use this back wrist to ankle restraint for total domination! Hand made in the UK from the fines..