Standard cages can now be ordered directly from the Shop.
The cheapest way to buy anything is to buy standard and this is true in the BDSM world too. The standard bondage cage is therefore the item we sell the most of. Designed for the majority of people in mind, this simple cage has the following vital statistics1:

Height: 32" (81cm)

Width: 30" (76cm)

Length: 48" (122cm)

The outer framework is created from 20x20mm box section mild steel and 16x16mm box section is used for the bars; this makes for a very strong cage, strong enough to stand on2.

The cage is delivered in 6 pieces and is bolted together with 12 bolts, assembly is very easy and it only takes 10 minutes to construct. The door is not bolted to the main assembly but just drops onto the hinges with a safety bolt to secure it into place. There is a hasp on the door for which a padlock or caribina etc. can be used to fasten the door closed. There is a feeding slot in the door which should accommodate most dog bowls. Unlike some others, this cage DOES NOT use 'through bolts'; all the nuts are captive within the framework which means that there are no protruding bolts that you can injure yourself on or damage a floor with.

Standard cages now come with a locking pin, see blog post for details.

The cage is lightly sprayed with a hammer finish silver or black paint to provide corrosion protection and aesthetics.

Bolts/washers, a spanner and the 'flat pack' instructions are all supplied, all you need to supply is a padlock or similar, everything else is included.

The cost of this cage is a simply unbeatable £219 + DEL.

1. As this is a hand made item there are tolerances and imperfections and therefore the sizes may vary slightly.
2. For health and safety reasons we can't recommend you stand on your cage.