Free Standing
Based on the Standard Cage design, just taller, the Tall Cage is a popular alternative for those with a little less space. The fully enclosed 6 sided cage can be used lying down as well as in the upright position.

This tall cage cage has the following vital statistics¬Ļ:

Height: 72" (6ft)

Width: 24" (2ft)

Length: 24" (2ft)

As per the Standard Cage, the outer framework is created from 20x20mm box section steel and 16x16mm box section is used for the bars.

Although quite stable, it is possible to push this one over. The cage is supplied with mounting points in the base to allow it to be secured to the floor and a mounting point/chain to allow it to be 'safety chained' to a wall. Either or both can be used to help prevent the cage from being pushed over.
Wall Mounted
The wall mounted cage is the same design as the free standing cage, only that the rear section is not included. Again, this can be used upright or lying down.

Corner Mounted
Still in development, the Corner Cage will be just that

The most up to date prices are as shown in the shop.

- Free Standing cage with bars on all sides £239

- Wall Mounted Cage without bars on rear £199

- Corner Cage £155 (to be confirmed)

Bolts/washers, a spanner and the 'flat pack' instructions are all supplied with all cages, all you need to supply is a padlock or similar, everything else is included.

1. As this is a hand made item there are tolerances and imperfections and therefore the sizes may vary slightly.