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Master Series Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness

With the Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness, you can add something truly special to your kinky toy kit! This thigh harness comfortably wraps around your upper thigh with the help of an adjustable buckle strap. The harness lays flat on your thigh and has a built-in O-ring with a 1.57-inch diameter so you can slip a strap-on dildo through it easily! Add a wand right below it and fix it in place using the adjustable velcro straps! You'll be pleasing your partner in no time as they ride and grind on your lap! Use it solo by sliding it higher up your thigh and strapping in only the wand so you can squeeze your thighs together and hump the wand head until you explode with pleasure! The harness is made out of cruelty-free, vegan leather that has a classic look and is easy to spot and clean. All metal on the harness is nickel-free.

The harness is strapped to your thigh and has your favourite wand velcroed in. Lube glistens on the top of the head and you turn it on. As you squeeze your thighs together and curl your knees towards you feel the strong vibrations. You writhe and move with your pleasure as it rises. Your partner climbs on top, rubbing against it too and kissing you deeply. Then they push your legs down, cutting you off from the seductive buzzing and making you long for it. They release the straps and loosen them enough to slide a dildo through the O-ring, then they tighten it, climb on top, and with a little help from a lot of lube, they slide down on it and make you ache with yearning as they grind on top of you and fill themselves up!

The thigh strap adjusts from 13.5 inches to 33 inches in circumference.
Wand straps adjust up to 8 inches top strap and 7 inches bottom strap in circumference.
O-ring diameter 1.57 inches.

Materials PU leather, nylon, metal

Key Features

Solo Pleasure. This vegan leather thigh harness holds a vibrating wand exactly where you want it for hands-free self-pleasure!

Adjustable. The thigh and wand straps are adjustable so you can use it on most wands and comfortably strap it on.

Great for Couples! There's a built-in O-ring where you can slip a strap-on dildo into place and let your partner ride and grind!

Vegan Leather. Made out of vegan, cruelty-free leather.

Features Vegan leather, Adjustable wand and thigh straps, Fits most wand massagers, Built-in 1.57 Inch O-ring, Great for hands-free solo or partner play.

Product Information
For WhoFemale
MaterialFaux Leather

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