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16 Jul Unavailability of Steel Bondage Restraints
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For a while at least, it is a little open ended.Why is that? Well, we have the opportunity to do some work in the Far East and quite frankly it is too good an opportunity to pass up.  What's more, it happens to coincide with loosing our workshop ..
21 Sep Cage Availability
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Some of you have noticed a lack and asked about availability of our cages and when we are going to start making more; this is an answer to all those questions... As of September 2015 we are nearing completion of a major project - this project is..
22 Feb Hand torture Plate
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What a customer wants a customer mostly gets.This customer made a request for a hand torture device - something that could be used to strap a hand to and then use some form of thumbscrew to tighten down on to the finger nails.Sounds simple enou..
21 Apr Prison Bondage Kneeling Stockade
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Finally, we've been planning on making one of these Kneeling Sotckades for a very long time and thanks to a patient and persistent customer we have finnaly come up with something. We've built in plenty of adjustment so if your are 4' or 7' tal..
30 Oct Cage Locking Pins
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All our Bondage Cages now come with a purpose made locking pin to secure the door. We found that using just a padlock on the cage door allowed the door to be 'rattled' which was getting annoying - not that we have had any comments or complaints..
25 Sep Not For Sale
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  may have read previously, we had a request for a 'Devils Fork'. After a couple of attempts we finally came up with something that we were happy with but found that we had created another problem... The orginal design for these way back when w..
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