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This is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for here or elsewhere on our website then please feel free to email us your question - we're more than happy to help when we can.

Q. Why are your cages so cheap?

Q. If they are so cheap, what's wrong with them?

Q. Can I try before I buy?

Q. How heavy are they?

Q. How big can I have it?

Q. But it's made of metal, doesn't it rust?

Q. I have nosey neighbours...

Q. What is Mainland UK?

Q. Can you send cages to America?

Q. Can you powder coat the cage or have any other finishes available?

Q. Can I have a Saturday delivery

Q. I'll need to take a day off work, can you guarantee delivery?

Q. Commercial Use.


A. Why are your cages so cheap?

Simply put; why should you have to pay over the odds for something just because it is a little different or out of the ordinary?

The mechanics of it are simple: we don't have a show room, we don't employ someone to answer the phone, we buy in materials locally and in bulk and we don't waste money on things we don't really need.

All those saving are passed directly on to you.



A. If they are so cheap, what is wrong with them?

Damned cheek! There's nothing wrong with them!

The cage is made from 20x20 and 16x6mm box section steel and all the joints are fully welded; that makes it a strong cage that you will need to try very hard to damage, bend or otherwise; Worlds Strongest Men and the Incredible Hulk besides, you're unlikely to be able to it do any damage with your bare hands.

Customer satisfaction is important; happy customers means more customers - we keep customers happy by supplying good quality products.

However, we think it only fair to note that the finish on the cage is not a mass produced, cold and emotionless, perfect shiny finish. These are hand made so there are small tolerances in sizes and imperfections and work marks in the steel.



A. Can I try before I buy?

The short answer is No!

We keep the cost of the cage down by not having a showroom and providing a mail order service only.

However, if you have bought a standard cage and don't think much of it then you may return it for a refund - see terms for details.

We cannot accept returns on cages made to customer order, however, we will probably accept a return if you have only had your cage resized slightly from the standard size.



A. How heavy are they?

The standard cage weighs in at about 45kg. No single section should weigh more than 10kg.



A. How big can I have it?

The size you can have your cage is mostly limited by the size limit of the courier. For this reason we do not tend to make very large cages except for special commission.

If you are after a slightly larger cage than normal, justemail us with the size you have in mind and we will check this against the couriers before providing you a quote.



A. But it's made of metal, doesn't it rust?

The cages are all painted as standard with a hammer finish black or silver paint for protection.



A. I have nosey neighbours..

Don't we all! Cages are dispatched in plain cardboard packaging (unless we have some random cardboard boxes lying around) with no indication to contents or intended use.

They are normally sent as 2 or 3 separate parcels.



A. What is Mainland UK?

I'm sure most of you know if you are within the mainland UK delivery area, but to clarify, the following areas are likely to attract a surcharge:

- Highlands and Islands of Scotland

- All IV postcodes
- All KW postcodes
- AB postcodes except AB 1-16, 21-25, 30-39
- PH postcodes except PH 1 to 3
- PA postcodes except PA 1 to 19
- All islands off the coast of Scotland

- Northern Ireland
- Republic of Ireland
- Channel Islands
- Isle of Man
- Isle of Wight
- Isle of Scilly

If you order a cage from the shop that is in one of the above (or any other problem) areas then we will check your address with our courier before proceeding with the order. If your address attracts a delivery surcharge you will be given the choice of either paying the surcharge (this is charged at cost) or receiving a full and immediate refund.



A. Can you send cages to America?

Unfortunately, we are not able to send cages America as the cost of doing so is prohibitive and in most cases exceeds the cost of the cage!

We can send cages to selected European destinations.



A. Can you powder coat the cage or have any other finishes available?

Most people are happy enough with the paint finish as it keeps the cage affordable, is durable enough for average use and can be repainted/repaired by the owner should it become necessary.

We can get the cages powder coated but it is not an option we offer due to the price. Powder coating the cage costs [as a guide price only] an addtional £90.

We can gold and silver plate the cages but there would be at least an extra zero on the end of the price!

We are hoping to be able to offer a zinc plated finish in the not too distant future and are currently trying to make this an affordable option.



A. Can I have a Saturday delivery?

Yes, you can have a Saturday delivery. The cost of a Saturday Delivery varies with each order so please get in touch before ordering.



A. I'll need to take a day off work, can you guarantee delivery?

In theory, yes; orders are normally sent on a Next Day Delivery service. Although we do our level best to ensure a delivery is made on your chosen day, the actual collection and delivery of items is outside of our control. The couriers are subject to the same problems we all encounter: sickness, traffic jams, break downs and accidents; for this reason we cannot give an explicit guarantee of delivery.

The good news is that the couriers are normally very reliable and nearly all deliveries, have taken place as planned.



A. Commercial Use

If the cage is to be used for commercial purposes we recommend the use of a removable door; this is for Health and Safety reasons and allows easy escape of any occupant should there be an emergency.
Puppy Cage: For the Puppy Cage we recommend either the Double Gate Door or the Escape Door. If ordering a double gate door, please advise if it needs to be removable in the locked position – by default it is not removable.
Tall cage: The Tall Cage is a little too narrow to allow the use of the Double Gate Door and therefore, if a removable door is required, we recommend the Escape Door.

Very Rough use:
For the majority of people and uses our standard cage design is more than strong enough, but if you think your cage is going to be subjected to very rough use (suspension within the cage, suspension of the cage) or continued/daily, aggressive/rough use, we recommend an additional door frame is used.

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