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Tongue Forceps
Tongue forceps do exactly as it suggests on the tin and are made for use on the tongue. Thes..
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This Pinwheel is the perfect when you want some pleasurable pain. Run the pinwheel over the ..
Dual Head Stethoscope. Tubing colour may vary. Listen to the excitment! ..
Single End Hegar Dilator
These are individual Single Ended Hegar Dilator Sounds and a perfect introduction if you to exper..
Tuning Fork Set
Yes, we know, it seems a little odd to be selling tuning fork! Bear with us though as they have..
Cat Nail Bondage Scratcher
The Bondage Cat Nail - such a simple little toy yet so wonderful. The theory is quite simple..
Bamboo Cane
Become the head teacher and meter out correctional punishment to your naughty boys and girls with ..
Medium Rubber Whip
These whips are made from soft supple rubber and have a flexible handle with balled ends. For teas..
Red Leather Mini Whip
With wide-cut straps for a satisfying spank, you can tease your partner by running it gently over ..
Leather Floppy Whip
Genuine leather floppy whip with a 5 inch long handle and 24 inch long whipping strings. Floppy ..
Leather Stranded Whip
Genuine leather whip. Handle 8 inches x 1 inches. 8 Strings 16.5 inches long. Total length 2..
Large Rubber Whip
You wish to punish your slave for misbehaving then use our top selling rubber whip; an erotic corr..
Long Leather Arabian Whip
This is a genuine long leather plaited whip for imposing correction. Measures 9 inch x 1 inch ha..
Leather Stranded Long Whip
Flay your disobedient slave with this genuine leather fourteen string whip which. This whip meas..
Suede Whip 19 Inches
This is a soft, genuine leather whip with 19 strings This whip measures: Hhandle 5 x 1.5 inche..
Leather and Chain Whip
Genuine leather whip that has a masterful 6" x 1.5" chain wrapped handle. The whip is made up of..
Leather Whip 30 Inches
This is a genuine leather whip with nineteen correctional strings to meter out that corrective pun..
Suede Flogger
Whip your sexual slave with the softer option! So you can flog your slave we have this superb S..
Chain Whip
This whip made for strong correction! This is a highly erotic pain inducing heavy chain whip with ..
Leather Whip 38 Inches
Impose your assertive will on your sex slave with this genuine leather 18 stringed whip, and insur..