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Steel Bondage Yoke
All steel bondage yoke made to the size you need. The yoke is used to keep the hands away fr..
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Wrist to Ankle Stock
This is a bondage wrist to ankle stock restraint - perfect if you need to give someones cheeks as..
Inline Shrew's Fiddle
At a customers request we have finally relented and made an inline version of our own Bondage Shr..
Steel Bondage Belt
We've had a number of requests for a Bondage Belt and have now decided to make them as a standard..
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Bondage Slave Chain Set
Slave Chain Set formed from our range of bondage cuffs and collars. The individual cuffs and..
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Scold's Bridle
This is our take on a Scold's Bridle head cage, otherwise known as a Brank. The Scalds Bridl..
Based on 1 reviews.
Scold's Bridle MKII
This is a reworking of our standard bridle. This bridle has been reduced in size so that it is a ..
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Sterile Lubricant 5g Sachet
A sterile, colourless and oudourless, water based lubricant supplied in handy 5g individual satch..
Topper Cock Plug - Long
An unusual plug featuring a ball end and a through hole to drain fluids The shaft of this on..
Based on 3 reviews.
Exciter Crystal Plug
The Exciter penis plug is a small, stubby plug with an inset red crystal to give your cock some b..
Crystal Beginner Plug
A small and slim stainless steel penis plug with an inset crystal (colour may vary) to give your ..
MiniFucker Cock Plug Thru Hole
Small sized stainless steel penis plug with a through hole. This penis plug is equiped with ..
Prince Crystal Plug
A bit of bling for the less expeienced, the Prince Crystal Plug is a gently graduated three stage..
Solid Olive Penis Plug
Similar to the ever popular MiniFucker penis plug, this olive plug is a little easier on your coc..
Gates of Hell Penis Sounding Plug
A solid Stainless Steel penis sounding wand in the style of a Gate of Hell cock ring Supplie..
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Pear Drop Cock Plug
This is a curved penis wand with a pear shaped end bulb and stopper disc. The bulb is 10mm i..
Glans Ring With Cum Stopper
This simple yet highly effective cum stopper with glans ring fits firmly to the head of his cock ..
Based on 4 reviews.
Ryder Crystal Penis Wand
A three stage cock wand featuring a blue crystal inset to the end. Featuring 3 tapered secti..
Based on 3 reviews.
Prince's Wand with Thru Hole
Hollow stainless steel penis wand with glans ring and massage ball. The shaft of this cock p..
Based on 3 reviews.
Waved Cock Wand
This very erotic penis plug has ripples which undulate along the shiny stainless steel shaft and ..
Based on 2 reviews.