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A productive week!

Posted by in Products on April 26, 2013 . 1 Comments.

A customers wish is our command, or something like that and this particular customer has been making a few requests lately and we're more that happy to try and accommodate. A couple of theses requests are shown here as a bit of a sneaky preview...

First up is something that is called a 'Devils Fork' or a 'Heretics Fork'.  Strangely, something that none of us had come across before but a couple of photos later and we were soon away. 

Turns out that this is a two pronged, double ended fork with quite sharp spikes.  This is fitted to the neck with the head tilted a long way back and then the wearer is unable to tilt the head back forwards to the normal position and because of the spikes, it is too uncomfortable to rest the head on the forks.  The head is therefore kept in a most uncomfortable position for as long as deemed necessary.

This has been made a little differently to any images that we've seen as having a straight bar pressing into the throat is quite remarkably painful it turns out! To get around this, the retaining ring has been bent in the middle and this will then sit against the throat, the middle bar of the fork then sits on top of the ring and is kept in place by having a couple of small grooves in the ring.

The end result so far is below, just the retaining strap to sort out now....


Next up is something that we really should have thought to do ourselves as it is so obvious and we think a great idea - a wall mounted collar.  Just how much fun could you have with that!!

Not much to say about this as it's all a bit straight forward really.  The collar on these will be made from 50 x 5 mm steel to try and lessen any impact on the throat by spreading the load a bit more and I think we might as some half links to allow the hand to be attached as that will prevent the subject from being able to turn around.

We've gone for 10" on this first one, but when this becomes a live product then I suspect that we'll add a few length options.

The one pictured has had an 11st guinea pig hanging (by the hands, not the neck!) from it so the design is quite adequate which is good as it's relatively simple to make so should keep the cost down.


So that is some of what we've been doing this week.  This customer seems to be full of ideas so be expecting some more interesting developments in the very near future.

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