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Posted by in Information on August 06, 2012 . 0 Comments.

In order to maintain a high level of service to our customers we limit the number of bondage cages we build at any one time.

The reason for this is to ensure our customers recieve their cages in a timely fashion; we hate waiting for things to turn up and as such we try to get bondage cages out as soon as we can; we understand the frustration of having to wait!

If the bondage cages are showing as out of stock in the shop, this generally means that we are currently at our manufacturing capacity; if we allowed any more orders then the delivery time would become (to us) unacceptable.

Cages are normally only ‘out of stock’ for a few days so check back on a regular basis.  Alternatively, if you create an account then you can add a cage to your ‘Notifications’ and we’ll send you an email once they are back in stock.

To check if they are in stock click here: Bondage Cage

Last update: August 06, 2012


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