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Posted by in Information on August 28, 2012 . 1 Comments.

The following photos are an example of a 'Hard' chromed collar, this one happens to be a studded collar.

We are able to offer two types of chroming.  The first and default one is what is know as a 'Decorative Chrome' which is not quite so hazardous to heath or environment and is done by applying some clever magic to a nickle base and can have a slight yellowish tinge.  This is quite an afforable chrome solution.

If you are allergic to nickle (to be honest we don't actually know if the nicle base would cause a reaction or not as it is sort of coated) or you just want it as bright as possible then we can offer a 'Hard Chrome' finish - this is proper chome and is the same as the stuff you would find on cars - espectially the likes of older car bumpers. The pictures here are of a 'Hard' chromed collar. This is a slightly brighter and more silver coloured finish but I'm affraid it come at quite a cost - about 7x more expensive then having things done in the decorative chrome finish. If you're interested in the hard chrome then drop us an email and we'll be more than happy to quote.

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