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Posted by in Products on August 06, 2012 . 0 Comments.

To be honest, been thinking about making and Ice Lock for some considerable time. Anyway, someone asked if we did one to which we had to reply no, although we had been looking to get these made for us in stainless, there was nothing imminent.

However, and as ever, got bored one afternoon so grabbed a spare bit of tube and bar and started to get creative, the picture below is the end result:

What you see in the picture is our first go at an ice lock, being hung with a 5kg weight dangling off the bottom. Hung up at 13.30, the thud of the weight dropping was heard at 14.10. It was a warm day so must have been at least 20°C and we got 40 minutes out of it.

Ice locks are now available from the shop: Self Bondage Ice Lock

Last update: August 06, 2012


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