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Scold's Bridle

Posted by in Products on August 06, 2012 . 0 Comments.

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Having become very bored of cages, cuffs, shackles and collars, we decided a day off was needed to do something a little different.

After some thought, it came to mind that there was not that much variety in the BDSM arena when it came to steel bondage head cages; there are one or two different ones available to us in the UK, but the choice is a little limited and a mortgage required to purchase one!

We did want to make a head cage but decided that it was probably pushing it a little to design and manufacture a head cage in a day and as we've always had a bit of a penchant for the scold's bridle, that is what we settled for.

The next problem was to overcome different sized heads! So, silly comments taken on board, we're now left with an adjustable steel scold's bridle with a view to then being able to modify it into a full bondage head cage at later date.

So that is what we did today (along with an unfeasibly large amount of coffee) and we're rather pleased with the result. This is only the prototype so the shop version my differ slightly once we've had some feedback.

Prototype only, missing its tongue depressor (for health reasons) while we try it out.

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