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The Cage

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You were hunched over, naked and tired. The cold steel bars of the cage bit into your flesh. You had been trying to sleep since last night when I first placed you in there. You were blindfolded and a rag was shoved in your mouth. I walked into the garage, and you lifted your head as you heard my heels click on the hardwood floor. I slammed the door and you jumped at the sound.

     “How was your night” I asked.

     “Very well, Mistress.” You replied, making sure to keep your head bowed.

I reached through the bars and pulled your head towards me. You moved closer and I undid the blindfold. You squinted as your eyes adjusted to the sudden light. I unlocked the cage and opened the door. You stayed still, waiting for your order.

     “Crawl out.” I ordered.

 You did as you were told and stopped in front of me on your hands and knees. I walked over to a table, picked something up from it and walked back to you.

     “Look up.”

You did and watched as I wrapped a long leather belt around my hand until only a few inches were left hanging down. I walked behind you and stopped. You tensed, waiting for me to bring the belt down. I smiled as I saw the muscles in your back tighten. I pulled my hand back and whipped the belt through the air. It landed on your back with a sharp crack. You screamed through the rag. I continued bringing the belt down until your back was bright red. I put the belt down and crouched down in front of you. You were whimpering from the pain. I pulled the rag out of your mouth and you coughed.

    “Get up.”

You struggled to your feet, stumbling as you did so. You were weak and wobbly after spending all night cramped in the cage and the beating you had just taken. I lead you to a chair and you sat down. I went to the table again and came back with something different. You saw metal glint between my fingers. I stood in front of you and kicked your legs apart. I leaned down and took your dick in my hands. You finally saw what I held. A cock cage. I put it on you and locked it.

     “Crawl back into your cage.”

     You got off the chair, crawled inside the cage and jumped when I shut the door behind you. I locked it, went to the table and picked something up. I then brought the chair in front the cage.

     “Look at me.”

Your head snapped up and you watched as I unzipped my skirt. I stepped out of it and sat down. I parted my legs and turned on the vibrator. I slipped it inside and you watched as I slid it in and out. You grew hard as you watched, your dick straining against the cock cage. You desperately wanted to touch yourself but couldn’t. I came with a loud moan then stood up. I walked to the cage and slid the vibrator through the bars.

     “Lick it clean.”

You did as you were told; when it was clean I turned and walked away, leaving you alone again.

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