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The Shower

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You came home from work tired and achy. You called my name but I didn’t reply so you went up to our bedroom and took a shower in the en suite bathroom.  You scrubbed your body until you felt the stress of the day leave you. Shutting off the water you ran your hands through your hair and stepped out of the shower as the door opened with a soft click. You blinked, trying to get the water out of your eyes.  Suddenly your wrists were in my hands and I whispered in your ear "Lift your arms up and keep them there." I secured your hands with two sets of hand cuffs to the shower rod.

      "Keep your legs apart and don't move unless I say."

I lifted my hand as I knelt to the right and slapped your wet ass. The crack of my palm landing made you wince and gasp. I spanked you again and again until your body began to buckle with each landing. A red welt in the shape of my palm began to form. I stopped and as your breathing returned to normal I leaned forward. You were hard and standing straight up. I took a long, slow lick, teasing you. You sighed and pushed closer, wanting me to swallow you whole. I stopped and watched as you looked disappointed.

I left the room and got the bag I had hidden from you. When I walked back in I dropped the bag on the floor and you tilted your head, trying to figure out what I was up to.  I lifted out a weighted leather ball stretcher strap. It was filled with lead for solid but compact weight. I snapped it on and watched your sac lengthen as your balls were forced downward. You didn't flinch as much as I wanted so I brought out the second, heavier ball stretcher. I strapped that on as well and now the strain was more visible. The second ball stretcher had small d-rings so I could attach weights. I attached two weighted lead anchors that increased the pull. I went to my knees as my hands massaged your dick and traced along your strained balls. With each touch your body shuddered and you gasped as you felt my tongue running along your sac.  I stroked you faster until I could tell that my touch was going to make you lose control very soon. As one of my hands held your dick, the other went to your heavily stretched balls and slapped them lightly. I began to slap your balls, changing speeds and strength. Your body was jerking from my blows and your eyes were closed from the combination of pleasure and pain. You were fighting the urge to cum.

     "You will cum when I tell you to.”

Your balls were swinging as I slapped them. Your body convulsed and your face grimaced in pain as your moans grew louder.  You were on the verge of cumming but you didn't want to go until I gave you permission. I decided to take pity on you.

     "Cum. Now."

 Your body shook violently.  I rose to my feet and licked splattered cum from my lip. I unlocked your arms and you fell to your knees as I stepped into the shower to clean up.

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