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Wrist to Ankle Stock

Posted by in Products on August 06, 2012 . 0 Comments.

After a few requests we have finally got around to make an Ankle to Wrist Bondage Sock. It's taken a while but we think that the end result works quite well...


We've gone for a double hinge as opposed to a single hinge as we're not really keen on the long things having a single hinge: they get a bit cumbersome.

We've also gone for a bolt closure as we've never been that keen on padlocks for the simple reason that they tend to allow a bit of free play which can cause the steel to knock together and if you're unlucky you can end up getting pinched.

With the bolt closure there is no chattering of steel knocking together and little chance then of getting pinched - once locked in there is no chance that they are going to get the bolt out so a padlock is not really necessary in any case.

These are now available from the shop: Steel Bondage Wrist to Ankle Stock

Last update: August 06, 2012


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