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About Us

A family run business based in Somerset since 1984; no, were not a huge company but as we like to say "Big enough to cope, but small enough to care". is just one facet of the the business which started in 2006 after being pestered by various people to make them a cage too - at that time there was very little available in the way of Bondage Cages and those that were available required a small mortgage to buy.

Once we had figured out how to make bondage cages affordable (and packable/shipable) for those few people we decided that we ought to offer them to a wider audience and so set up a web site.  At that time it was just a simple few pages and everything was done by email or phone, but it wasn't long before we had hit our 100th cage, a demand that even we found quite surprising but even better, not a sinlge return or complaint, just lots of very happy people.

It wasn't long before we were also getting asked to make other things too like collars and shackles (we previously relyed on leather, steel items just being too expensive - why we didn't think of making our own before then is, well, who knows), the trouble then being that a few simple web pages was not enough to cater for the new products so the bullet was bitten and we set up a web shop. Over time we have grown the shop to include a larger range of steel bondage restraints and branched out into sex toys and general bondage gear.  The original online shop started to show its age and so here we are with our shiny new web shop which we hope is going to greatly improve our customers buying experience.

Looking forward, obviously the plan is for Global Brand Awareness and World Domination. But for the mean time we are happy to keep offering what we think is some of the most affordable steel bondage gear available and to keep increasing the range as we think of things and customers make requests.

Most of what we have done 'till now has been driven by customer requests, so if there is anything that you would like to see in steel then just drop us an email and we'll take it from there.