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Bondage and Us

A bit about bondage and a bit about us....

We aim to provide you the same great prices and service when supplying you with your bondage gear and sex toys that you have come to expect with our cages.

We sell great bondage gear, bondage toys and sex toys at great prices. Our bondage gear, bondage toys and sex toys include handcuffs, ankle cuffs, flogger whips, chastity belts, ball gags, bondage restraints, bondage collars and leads, bondage rope, bondage tape, stocks, leather, rubber, PVC and many more quality leather bondage gear and bondage toys. Sex Toys include all your favourites such as Rabbit Vibrators, dildos, dongs, cock rings and masturbators. Don't forget to check back as we are always on the lookout for more great bondage equipment and sex toys to add to our range.

Want to introduce a bit of Bondage to your relationship? The most important thing is not to go over board right from the start; if you get a bit too carried away, you might frighten and put your partner off all together. Most people buying Bondage Gear for the first time usually go for some soft blindfolds, soft bondage rope, maybe a small leather flogger or a rubber stranded whip. A tickler and a set of bondage restraints can be a good start and bondage tape is always popular as it is so versatile and easy to use.
We don't recommend blindfolding your partner when putting your bondage gear into action for the very first time; let your partner see exactly what you are doing, this builds trust and trust is the most important factor in any bondage relationship. Remember to start off gently, maybe some gentle spanking, paying attention to your partner and their breathing at all times to gauge just how they are enjoying the experience - or not!

Once you are both comfortable, put the same Bondage Gear into action again, but this time try it out with the blindfold - not being aware of what is coming next is a very different experience. As thing progress it is always a good idea to introduce the 'safe word' into you play sessions, hardened players may not use one but for those starting out it is quite normal and very sensible. The safe word is a pre-agreed term (normally just a single word) that the submissive person (sub) can call out when they want the dominant (dom) person in the bondage relationship to stop whatever they are doing. If the sub calls out the pre-agreed 'safe word', then it is important for the dom stop what they are doing. If the master/dom breaches the trust of the sub then the chances are that the relationship will not last long. Of course, the use of a safe word does mean that it is in fact the sub that is in control of the bondage relationship and not the 'master'. The master's main role in the average bondage relationship is not to totally 'control' the other person but is to provide a safe environment where the sub can explore their submissive fantasies.

If things are going well then you can start to introduce some new bondage toys into the relationship to provide a bit of variety. You might want to introduce balls gags into your play, these effectively prevent the wearer from talking.. If your sub is a little more daring you may want to try a ball gag with a head harness or one with a solid rubber ball. Hoods are great too if you want to introduce some sensory deprivation into your bondage play. At some point may at some point want to add some more restraints to your bondage gear collection; ankle spreaders and wrist spreader bars and stocks are very effective at restraining your partner. There are all manner of wrist and ankle restraints that you can use, some can force the wearer into a kneeling forward position thus making them expose their rear end to you to allow you to administer any punishment. Other popular bondage gear restraints include the wrist to thigh restraints and neck to wrist back restraints; these are very effective if your aim is to put your sub's hands out of commission.

We have plenty of items to keep your bondage play interesting: Leather corsets; leather briefs; rubber clothing; PVC clothing; whips; paddles; gags and bits; bondage tape; bondage rope; harnesses; cuffs; eye masks; head masks; gas masks; nipple clamps and cock rings.