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From our own range of steel bondage restaints, these are formed from a sturdy 5mm x 40mm flat ste..
The Autobondage Self Bondage Ice Lock is a ‘timed’ ice lock made from stainless steel and polishe..
£34.50 £44.95
This simple yet highly effective cum stopper with glans ring fits firmly to the head of his cock ..
Almost guaranteed to bring a tear to your slaves eyes, this nose shackle can be quite delicate bu..
Our own range of steel collars formed from either  5mm x 40mm or 5mm x 50mm flat mild steel ..
Stainless steel ball stretching weights. The stainless steel ring splits in half and is appl..
Top the end of your penis off in style with out Short Topper Cock Plug The shaft of this one..
Based on the principle design of a Scavenger's Daughter, this steel bondage restraint locks you i..
Our own range of steel ankle cuffs/shackles formed from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. Thes..
With overtones of the female form, the Fuckr Gendr Penis Plug is a medium sized plugs featuring a..
Hollow stainless steel penis wand with glans ring and massage ball. The shaft of this cock p..
£29.95 £44.95
This is our take on a Scold's Bridle head cage, otherwise known as a Brank. The Scalds Bridl..
At 5" long, this is an extra large wand for those that have something to boast about! This i..
£34.95 £46.95
Not for the faint of heart, the Igores Revenge Penis Wand measure in at a whopping 17cm of insert..
A solid Stainless Steel penis sounding wand in the style of a Gate of Hell cock ring Supplie..
All steel cage with the following standard dimensions: Height: 32" (81cm) Width: 30..
The Mono Ankle Cuff from our own range of steel bondage restaints, these are formed from a sturdy..
This is a Heavy Duty Bondage Ankle to Wrist Stock restraint - perfect if you need to give someone..
Our own range of rigid steel bondage cuffs formed from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. These..
This Penis wand or plug is over 4 1/2" long and complete with 14 balls of fun. The plug starts ou..
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