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The Self Bondage Ice Lock is a ‘timed’ lock that lasts for up to 90 minutes.This is our value loc..
All steel cage with the following approximate dimensions: Height: 32" (81cm) Width:..
Stainless steel ball stretching weights. The stainless steel ring splits in half and is appl..
This is a reworking of our standard bridle. This bridle has been reduced in size so that it is a ..
Our own range of steel collars formed from either  5mm x 40mm or 5mm x 50mm flat mild steel ..
We've had a number of requests for a Bondage Belt and have now decided to make them as a standard..
The Autobondage Self Bondage Ice Lock is a ‘timed’ ice lock made from stainless steel and polishe..
£34.50 £44.95
Kink your cock with our cock crimper, a harsh but comfortable chastity type device for shorter-te..
£27.50 £39.99
Slave Chain Set formed from our range of bondage cuffs and collars. The individual cuffs and..
This is our take on a Scold's Bridle head cage, otherwise known as a Brank. The Scalds Bridl..
Our own range of steel cuffs formed from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. These cuffs are per..
Hollow stainless steel penis wand with glans ring and massage ball. The shaft of this cock p..
£29.95 £44.95
All steel bondage yoke made to the size you need. The yoke is used to keep the hands away fr..
Our own Bondage Shrew's Fiddle made from 5 x 40mm flat steel bar and locked securely closed with ..
A smallish cock plug designed to be used rather than worn. Hold the end and gently move the ..
£29.99 £37.49
Steel bondage cage with the following dimensions: Height: 32" (81cm) Width: 30.5" (78cm..
Our stainless steel Hegar sound kit is made up of eight 8" long sounds, all presented in a velvet..
Small sized stainless steel penis plug with a through hole. This penis plug is equiped with ..
£23.49 £29.99
These stainless steel rosebud dilator sounds offer a highly effective urethral sounding experienc..
This 8pc Pratt Sound Set is presented in a velvet-lined zipper casing, each sound gradually incre..
£32.49 £44.95
Intensify your pleasure with this Penis Head Glans Ring! Designed to fit snug around the hea..
A solid stainless steel bullet penis plug with glans ring and massage ball. The glans ring (..
£29.95 £34.50
Based on the principle design of a Scavenger's Daughter, this steel bondage restraint locks you i..
This very erotic penis plug has ripples which undulate along the shiny stainless steel shaft and ..
£29.95 £38.95
From our own range of steel bondage restaints, these are formed from a sturdy 5mm x 40mm flat ste..
Our own range of rigid steel bondage spreader bars made from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. ..
A very sturdy stainless steel cock ring with an attached anal ball. Keep your cock hard and ..
£25.99 £39.95
Almost guaranteed to bring a tear to your slaves eyes, this nose shackle can be quite delicate bu..
Our own range of rigid steel bondage cuffs formed from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. These..
This simple yet highly effective cum stopper with glans ring fits firmly to the head of his cock ..
A solid Stainless Steel penis sounding wand in the style of a Gate of Hell cock ring Supplie..
Keep your man under control with this great value Stainless Steel Bird Cage Male Chastity device...
£33.95 £44.95
For the more experienced or daring user we bring you The Dipstick penis sound/wand Measuring..
Stainless steel vibrating utheral sound in lined storage box. This fabulous vibrating urethr..
£44.95 £54.89
An unusual plug featuring a ball end and a through hole to drain fluids The shaft of this on..
£20.00 £29.99
Large stainless steel penis wand ideal for training but not for the feint of heart. Featurin..
£34.95 £43.79
Light weight bondage hobble bar for keeping the ankles or wrists seperated so your sub/slave can'..
At 5" long, this is an extra large wand for those that have something to boast about! This i..
£34.95 £46.95
This handy little bondage device is a combination of neck collar and wrist cuffs in one; the coll..
A new take on the classic cock plug for those that need a little more. The bobbles on this o..
This is a pair of Tit Torture Pliers which are used to apply strong rubber rings to the nipples. ..
£25.99 £32.49
A stylish looking penis plug that also gives you a bit of a pierced look once fittted. A fai..
Ball Flasks are a fiendish alternative to the normal ball weights and a must have for the CBT pla..
A small and slim stainless steel penis plug with an inset crystal (colour may vary) to give your ..
From our own range of steel bondage restaints, these are formed from a sturdy 5mm x 40mm flat ste..
This is a Heavy Duty Bondage Ankle to Wrist Stock restraint - perfect if you need to give someone..
A groovy variation of our ever popular penis wand with an attached glans ring to hold it in place..
£29.99 £34.89
For those that need more out of their plugs we present the ribbed cock plug. Designed to pro..
For those that require a little more stimulation we have for your pleasure a large grooved penis ..
£33.49 £41.79
Our own range of steel ankle cuffs/shackles formed from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. Thes..
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