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Last for longer with the Pasante Delay Condoms.Providing 12 teat-ended condoms with regular fit and delay-lube to help keep the moment lasting longer.Completely safe for oral, penetrative and anal sex.Non-spermicidally lubricated.Size: 180mm x 52mmMaterial: Latex Rubber..
Keep the passion going for longer with this pack of 3, lubricated delay condoms.With a teated tip and specially formulated lubricant which delays climax, these condoms are completely safe for oral, penetrative and anal sex.Non-spermicidally lubricated.Size: 180mm x 52mmMaterial: ..
Pasante Extra condoms have been specially formulated with a thicker, stronger latex, for extra security!They are also lubricated (non-spermicically) for extra comfort and less likelihood of tearing - making them perfect for those of us who like to be sure!Pasante Extra are also great for s..
Enjoy a fruity feast with these top quality Passante flavoured condoms.Made of latex for strength and suppleness, they are coloured, succulently flavoured and fragranced to add a little extra to the proceedings!A selection of Blueberry, Mint, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate and Vanilla - the..
Pasante Regular Condoms
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These great regular latex condoms do exactly what they say on the box - protect from unwanted pregnancy and STDs whilst offering good sensations.Available in boxes of 3 or 12, they're also covered in a non-spermicidal lubricant for easy penetration.Size: One Size Fits MostMaterial: La..
If you like a little extra sensation then these ribbed sheaths are perfect for you!Specially designed to add sensation to both the wearer and his partner, these fine latex sheaths are covered in a non-spermicidal lube for easy entry and comfortable wear.Available in boxes of 3 or 12.S..
If you're a sensitive kind of guy and you like to be able to enjoy all the stimulations of penetration without your condom getting in the way, then these super-fine pasante sheaths are for you.At 180mm long and 53mm wide, they're generous and super-thin, covered with a non-spermicidal lube for ..
Pasante are the condom kings!Their latex sheaths are specially lubricated with a non-spermicidal lube for added comfort, and these special "Trim" condoms are slightly narrower to help grip you more firmly and prevent accidents - perfect!Available in boxes of 3 or 12.Size: One Size Fit..
Pasante Unique Non Latex Condoms
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Passante unique condoms have been specially formulated to offer top quality protection for those who are allergic to the latex in common condoms.In a robustly packaged set of three, these special sheaths are completely odourless and will not cause irritation in either party.They offer grea..
Bag of 500 Skins quality latex condoms. Great smelling, natural feeling with extra lubrication, super safe and super comfortable.   Never go in without a skin! ..
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