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Ball Stretcher Weights

Ball Stretcher Weights
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Ball Stretcher Weights

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Sorry, this item is discontinued.

Stainless steel ball stretching weights.

The stainless steel ring splits in half and is applied around the testicles so there is no requirement to start trying to get your nuts through a small hole which is never fun. It is then secured together by two screws with the supplied allen key.

For those with big balls, we are now stocking these with a slightly larger 40mm internal diameter.

Currently available in 4 depth sizes and 2 internal diameters: 35mm and 40mm. 35mm has an external diameter of 60mm, 40mm has an external diameter of 65mm,

Sizes (depth x weight):

  • 20 x 35mm = 260g.
  • 30 x 35mm = 420g.
  • 40 x 35mm = 575g.
  • 56 x 35mm = 800g
  • 20 x 40mm = 300g
  • 30 x 40mm = 470g
  • 40 x 40mm = 630g

Weights are approximate and may vary slightly.

Him or HerHim
Material UsedStainless Steel

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Q: Hello, I am considering buy some of these ball stretcher weights, however, as a first time buyer I am not sure how the sizing works or what to get. Could you suggest how this is done? I don't want to start with anything too light either :) Look forward to hearing from you.

A: Hi Greg, That is a little difficult and the internal size of the stretcher that you want to use is, simply put, down to how big your bits are. If you're pretty much average then a 35mm will be a good fit with a little bit of room to spare. To muddy the waters a bit more, it does, of course, also make a difference to as how low those bad boys are swinging. On a serious note, some people simply can't even wear one of these but if you can make a ring with your thumb/forefinger above the testicles and pull down then you'll be able to wear one - how far you can pull down also denotes just how deep a stretcher that need/want. The most popular size is 30 deep x 35 inside and that is then followed by the 20x35. I would probably start with one of those or the 40 inside version if you think you're somewhat larger than the average.

Q: I have the 56mm and 20mm weights. Wearing the 20mm weight all day isn't a problem. The 56mm one feels great but my testicles end up going blue and I feel that the inside diameter is the cause. My balls tend to be pulled inside and I was wondering what you could suggest to help? I have bought both of them from you and I really would like to be able to wear the 56mm one for longer without it slipping off or making my balls blue. Thanks.

A: With most steel items that are either a tiny bit too big or a little uncomfortable we normally suggest that a bit of self adhesive door insulation (the stick on thin strips of foam) normaly works wonders.

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