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Ankle to Wrist Stock

Ankle to Wrist Stock
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Ankle to Wrist Stock

Sorry, this item is discontinued.

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Sorry, this item is discontinued.

This is a bondage ankle to wrist stock restraint - perfect if you need to give someones cheeks as good pounding!

Exactly the same as the wrist to ankle stock, only the cuffs are the other way around so that the wrists are on the inside of the ankles.

Crafted from 40 x 5 mm flat mild steel, this is a heavy and sturdy stock which we coat with a silver zinc plate to provide a long life free from rust no matter where your games take you.

This restraint provides for two positions, either a sitting position or in a kneeling position eating carpet - the latter postion gives great access to all the best bits.

Ankles are in the inside and the wrists go on the outside

As you've come to expect, these are available in a variety of standard sizes to suit most and if you need a size that isn't listed then get in touch.

This restraint locks securely closed with an allen head bolt; bolt and allen key supplied.


  • Small (2.25")
  • Medium (2.50")
  • Large (2.75)
  • X Large (3.00")


  • Small (3.00")
  • Medium (3.5")
  • Large (4.00")

Material: Zinc plated mild steel.

Please see the Size Guide.

If you need a different size then just get in touch and tell us what you need!

Length option refers to the length between the wrist cuffs - these are the inner most cuffs.

Delivery: Delivery time is dependent upon stock but they are nearly always made to order so please allow 14 days for delivery although it is normally quicker than this. size guidance please use the link below and refer to the size charts

ZincZinc Plated as standard in a silver finish.
Him or HerBoth
Material Used40 x 5 mm steel

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Sorry, but out steel stuff is currently unavailable - for a while at least, it is a little open ended.

Why is that? Well, we have the opportunity to do some work in the Far East and quite frankly it is too good an opportunity to pass up.  What's more, it happens to coincide with loosing our workshop for a second time in as many years (and we'd just got comfortable again too).

With a workshop that has to be vacated and the invitation of tropical beaches and sunshine (if only that was actually the case, but you get the idea), it's a bit of a no brainer! 

What does this mean? The upshot of all is this is that we won't have a work shop or anyone in it so we won't be producing any of the steel restraints or cages for the foreseeable future.



Instead, you'll be getting left in the now miserable (because they don't get to go) hands of Graham and Kirstie who will be running things from now on.

We are planning to refocus the look, feel and range of the store back to the original core objective of supplying affordable bondage gear and doing away with most of the plasticy/rubbery stuff and concentrating a little more on leather, steel and wood.

The other area we'll be looking at in the future, which is something that we have been trying to do for many years but have always been too busy with making stuff, is to start to attend some of the markets, probably starting with SWAMP as this is only just up the road and maybe even heading to the BBB in the future.

All that remains for now is to thank the many people that have given us their support by buying our steel restraints and our apologies to those that now won't be able to get any.

Of course, that's not the end of the story as we will be coming back at some stage and expect to start manufacturing again when we do get back, but sorry, can't tell you when that will be, but we will be letting everyone know when that happens, probably quite loudly!