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The 8 Ball Penis Wand, featuring a shaft with, well, 8 balls! How deep can you go?The balls on the shaft measure 9 to 10mm and  a handy ring on the end allows you to keep contol. This penis wand has a maximum diameter of 10mm. Size: 10mm Diameter / 130mm Insertable. Total Lengt..
These are addtional solid stainless steel balls that can be fitted to the Cock Ring with Anal Ball and the Anal Hook Simply screw off and on.Anal Hooks and Cock Rings with Anal Ball are fitted with 30mm or 40mm balls which suits most people, these steel balls are available seperately here ..
Alcohol Cleaning Pad (x20)
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Keep yourself safe and clean with these handy single use sterilizing Alcohol SwabsThese alcohol swabs are perfect for preparing your urethral sounds, penis plugs and fetish equipment as a final disinfection measure.Simply wipe your plugs, sounds or toys completley with the pad and allow to..
This impressive steel hook can be hooked up to ropes and other bondage equipment, making sure it keeps a strong hold on its wearer.There's 5" of insertable length (the ball and a portion of the hook). The hook then rests against the back, while the ring (1.5" in diameter) is used to connect to ..
Ankle to Wrist Stock
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This is a bondage ankle to wrist stock restraint - perfect if you need to give someones cheeks as good pounding!Exactly the same as the wrist to ankle stock, only the cuffs are the other way around so that the wrists are on the inside of the ankles. Crafted from 40 x 5 mm flat mild steel, ..
The Autobondage Self Bondage Ice Lock is a ‘timed’ ice lock made from stainless steel and polished to a shine. Ice locks, as the name implies, use the principle of ice which slowly melts to allow the release of a plunger from inside the main tube that connects the rings on each end. Generally, ..
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A cheap and cheerfull introduction into the world of CBT and ball crushing.This simple ball crusher is a very easy and effective device that is perfect for those that love a bit of cock and ball torture.With a simple turn of the screw you can impose anything from a light squeeze to an inte..
Ball Flask Stretcher Ball Flask Stretcher
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Ball Flasks are a fiendish alternative to the normal ball weights and a must have for the CBT player, weighing in at just under 1.5kg. The ball flask is a hollowed stainless steel canister to which is attached a split ball collar. Once the ball collar is fitted, then the flask is offered up and..
Stainless steel ball stretching weights. The stainless steel ring splits in half and is applied around the testicles so there is no requirement to start trying to get your nuts through a small hole which is never fun. It is then secured together by two screws with the supplied allen key.Fo..
The Ball stretcher with Crusher attachment is a clever little conversion of a standard stainless steel 15mm ball weight. The ball weight is of the split design and is secured together with the use of a couple of allen head bolts - this save having to try squeezing your nuts through the hole ..
This is a standard stainless steel spit ring ball stretcher but with the addtion of a couple of hooks either side to which you can hang weights or other attachments for stretching. If you feel the need then the hooks can be removed bu unscrewing them. This is a split ring design which is h..
There is a combination of just about everything going on with this Baluster Penis Sounding wand.You've got balls, ramps, slopes and ridges to play with all on a single plug.The balls/diameters on the shaft measure 9 to 10mm and a handy ring on the end allows you to keep contol. This p..
Basic Bondage Cage
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Steel bondage cage with the following dimensions: Height: 32" (81cm) Width: 30.5" (78cm) Length: 42" (107cm) The cage is delivered in 6 pieces and is bolted together with 12 bolts, assembly is very easy and it only takes 10 minutes to construct. The door is not bolted to the m..
Wanting to try going a bit deeper? This Stainless Steel Beginners Penis Sounding Wand is an ideal next step for those wanting a little more. At only 8mm in diameter it's not too daunting and has a gently fluted shaft for some extra sensations. This penis wand features a non-removable ring ..
Beginners Waved Wand
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For those that want to move things on a little this is a gently ribbed or waved penis wand with a maximum diameter of just 8mm. This is a solid stainless steel penis wand with a built in hoop for control and to prevent over insertion. Size: - Length: 12.5cm - Diameter: 5mm to 8mm ..
Keep your man under control with this great value Stainless Steel Bird Cage Male Chastity device. Probably suited for play time more that longer term wear but has the benefit of allowing a good view of the penis while bing worn, it is also a bit lighter than the tube versions. This one comes in..
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These Cock Rings or Cock and Ball rings are light weight aluminium rings that have be anodized in sexy black.Each ring features 4 inset 'gems' to add a bling to procedings.Size: 10mm wide x 8mm deep square profile internal Diameter: 40, 45, 50 or 55mmMaterial: Anodized..
A new take on the classic cock plug for those that need a little more. The bobbles on this one start at 7mm and work their way up to a full 12mm. Made from polished stainless steel, penis plug features a through hole to allow for ejacution and urination and a ring at the end for control an..
Bondage Hobble Bar
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Light weight bondage hobble bar for keeping the ankles or wrists seperated so your sub/slave can't run away! Simply hook your cuffs to the hoops at the end of the bar with a double trigger, caribina or something similar. Made from 22mm light weight (but still strong) steel tube with welded loop..
Bondage Leg Spreader
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Our own range of rigid steel bondage spreader bars made from 5mm x 40mm flat mild steel bar. The cuffs are permanently joined with a rigid 30mm tube which has a 3 half links on the top.Locking Options: Bolt: By default they are locked with an allen head bolt for security and ease and com..
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