Cages and Restraints - What's happening?

We do get asked a fair bit of when we are going to start making cages again and also restraints, so here is the current answer...

So, we are still busily working away in far flung places, largely because the planes stopped flying and didn't really have much choice in the matter!  As getting home was either impossible or very difficult, had to do something in the mean time, and that something turned out to be building caravans - yes, those little houses on wheels that annoying people tow around in the summer causing traffic jams.

So we are now in the stages of setting up a caravan production line of all things (I mean, how hard can it be, it's just a cage on wheels right?) and that is going to take most of this year for sure.

However, we are hoping to squeeze in some cages before the end of the year, but certainly to get the prototype done.  Yes, prototype: they will be getting a bit of a redesign and we are expecting to galvanize them also, so you'll be able to use them indoors or out, or even in the bath tub if that's your thing and they won't rust, chip, flake or scratch. The catch is that we won't be able to offer a customization service the same as before.

Restraints: We're not too sure about that at the moment, those are going to be a little more difficult to get back in to production and certailnly won't start until cages have started to ship. So sorry to say, restraints are currently a bit of an unknown.