may have read previously, we had a request for a 'Devils Fork'.

After a couple of attempts we finally came up with something that we were happy with but found that we had created another problem...

The orginal design for these way back when was, it seems, to have the fork prongs close together and this is what we tried to mirror.  However, on fitting it to a [less than] willing subect it was found that the forks sat in the soft, hollow area just above the top centre of the ribs - unsuprisingly, we dicided that this was a silly place to put a sharp pointy instrument!

The other problem we found was having it on a loose ring was not ideal and made it difficult to fit and wear.  For those that missed it the first version is shown below.


After a bit of thought we decided that we'd try to see what would happen if we spread the fork prongs out a bit more and this proved to be quite successful.  At the same time the support ring was welding in to place. By spreading the forks a bit more, they no longer sat in the soft spot and depending on your size, the prongs sat just to the inside of the jaw bone.

The final version is shown below.





The proud owner showing it off. It gives you an idea of how it works - it makes you keep you head back, drop your head forward and it starts getting painful.

The customer that requested it seems to happy with it:

"It immediately i felt the fork legs on my upper chest area and it made me keep head up so as not to touch upper fork.

I lasted just 4 minutes first time and 4 half minutes second time"

Alas, this is probably the only one we will ever make as we still think that this is too dangerous for general sale - a slip, a trip, a sneeze or a cough and you could do yourself a damage and we don't really want to be responsible for that.