What a customer wants a customer mostly gets.

This customer made a request for a hand torture device - something that could be used to strap a hand to and then use some form of thumbscrew to tighten down on to the finger nails.

Sounds simple enough but of course, it needs to be strong, rust free, no paint or powder coat and adjustable for different sized hands.

I think what we have come up with so far fits all of those things with the added bonus that it can also be used for left or right hands

It has taken a little while to get this one off the ground but we're nearly there now.

First off was the base board, we've gone for Nylon.  Not quite the shape we wanted but that's a long and protracted story which we won't go in to but the shape is still quite obvious all the same. Big machine cuts out a bit of Nylon sheet and we get the makings of a base plate:


Next up is to make it adjustable and the only way to do that and make the adjustment fine is to use slots.  To be honest, there really is no science to this bit, just a hand and a pencil to mark where the slots should be and the off to the mill to put the slots in:


5 minues later and the base board is transformed. You can no start to see what it is...

And then a test fit of the brackets and knobs and it's really taking shape.  Still a bit to do but you can see how it's going to work from the next picture.  All still a bit rough at this stage as it needs cleaning up and what have you.

Below is the finished article: