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Take control and silence and your sub with a gag or a bit.  A gag is an essential part of any bondage toy box and everyone should have at least one, there are lots of styles to choose from.  The most commonly recognized style when talking about BDSM and bondage is the ball gag.  A ball bag is a rubber, wood or plastic ball that goes in the mouth and is held in place with straps around the back of the head.  Other favourites are the dildo style gags were instead of a ball, a penis shaped dildo is used to put in the mouth – these can be more effective at keeping your sub quite.  For those more experienced there are the less well known medical type gags that can be used to hold the mouth open giving you access to the subs mouth and tongue.

Your Boundless Ball Gag is waiting for you! This firm yet pliable, body-safe silicone ball is designed for maximum teeth protection, a tasteless design, and the double-stitched, vegan leather strap will ensure that your down and dirty adventures can occur securely and cruelty-free. The fully adjusta..
The Boundless Bar Gag is coming for you! The build of this bar gag is second to none. The firm yet pliable, body-safe silicone bar is designed for maximum teeth protection, a tasteless design, and the double-stitched, vegan leather strap will ensure that your bound-down adventures can occur both sec..
The Boundless Breathable Ball Gag is the perfect erotic accessory for couples looking to experiment with erotic restraint play or fierce fetishists looking to indulge their deepest desires. Surrender to your naughtiest fantasies as you secure the pliable silicone ball gag, designer vegan leather str..
This is a real Killer Mouth Gag. Put the ball in the mouth of your slave and buckle the firm leather strap up behind his or her head. Then you screw the hard rubber ball slowly inwards towards the back of his or her throat. Reliable, exciting and perfect for BDSM hard games. Suitable for both men an..
Keep that mouth wide open with this Me You Us Black Spider Stretch Gag! Your submissive will be vulnerable to your oral invasion when you strap them into this unique mouth-stretching gag. Create the fantasy scenario you have been dreaming about! You will be able to hear all the moans and gasps of yo..
Latex Play black silicone mouth gag with removable sink stopper.Adjustable head strap with a buckle...
Take them over with this dual-feature silicone O-ring gag and nipple clamp set. Affixing the O-ring gag in their open mouth and securing it with the adjustable silicone strap, this gag forces your plaything to keep their mouth open, giving you full access. This devious device is taken up a notch wit..
Ouch Breathable Ball Gag With Printed Leather Straps Ouch Breathable Ball Gag With Printed Leather Straps
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Do you love a little kinky play? Then keep your lover or slave quiet with this distinctive breathable ball gag. The gag has quality leather straps with elegant stitching down the length with 10 holes making them easily adjustable. Use this toy alone or in combination with other Ouch! products...
Ouch Breathable Luxury Black Ball Gag Ouch Breathable Luxury Black Ball Gag
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Silence your partner with this OUCH! Ball Gag, which is perfect for beginners and experienced bondage players alike. This tough phthalate-free ball gag comes with metal O-rings and has an adjustable buckle featuring 9 holes for easy adjustment. It measures 62 cm, 24.4inch in length and 2.5 cm, 1.74 ..
The hypoallergenic Ring Gag is made from velvety silicone and comes with an adjustable 9 hole PU leather strap to fit most. The coated crocodile-style nipple clamps with screw-pins, let you adjust the tension and are attached to the Ring Gag with sufficiently long, 35cm metal chains...
Plug up their pie hole with this unique silicone gag. Push the ring past their teeth and secure the soft straps at the nape of their neck. The buckle can accommodate a lock, not included, to ensure that there is no hope for escape. Keep your plaything plugged up so that all you can hear are muffled ..
This mouth clamp is perfect for keeping the mouth open as wide as desired. It works on a ratchet system, which means it can be easily adjusted. The mouth clamp is made of medical-grade stainless steel and the adjustable neckstrap is made of real leather...
An exquisite leather ball gag with an adjustable buckle strap and a rubber ball.Fully adjustable buckle straps. All black with black Accessories...
Leather lead with a black colour metal chain and a trigger hook on one end.All black with black Accessories...
Send your partner to obedience school with the Ouch! Puppy Play product line. Enjoy role-playing in style and make sure to teach your puppy lots of new tricks. Give your good puppy a bone or keep them from whining and barking with the Bone gag made from medical-grade silicone.Product dimensions 62,5..
For silent thrusts!Adjustable, black leather belt with removable, press studs, latex dildo on the outside and a gag on the inside. Dildo 13 cm long, 3.5 cm.Split leather, cowhide, chrome-free tanned. dildo, gag latex, made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergies...
Scold's Bridle
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This is our take on a Scold's Bridle head cage, otherwise known as a Brank. The Scalds Bridle is a Tudor invention for curtailing the nagging or gossiping tongue of women! For the modern day this works well for Bondage when you want to keep your submissive quiet. Our Brank has been designe..
Scold's Bridle MKII Scold's Bridle MKII
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This is a reworking of our standard bridle. This bridle has been reduced in size so that it is a closer fit around the head than our standard brank. Our Brank has been designed around an average sized head but has adjustment incorporated, padlocks/bolts are used to keep the Brank in place. The ..
Spring Loaded Mouth Gag Spring Loaded Mouth Gag
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These are just genius - simple, easy to use, small and light weight.This is a spring loaded mouth gag: simply make them open their mouth wide, pop it in and it locks itself into place.  Squeeze together and out it comes in a flash.So simple but so effective and small enough to put in ..
Ball gag with padded straps for comfort and velcro back fastening to ensure the perfect fit.The ball gag is breathable and measures 45mm diameter...
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